A little about us..

The Embassy of Media by RTF is an organization that works in and around the contemporary and  perceivable urban façade: architects, designers, brands and every being associated with the panoramic field of ‘Architecture and Interior Design’. We aim to unburden the thoughts of these divergent masterminds’ while catering to applauding and popularizing their unique ideologies through social media platforms, electronic & publication media, award nominations, design events and conferences.

We are Professionals..

With an experience of curating successful design award platforms and avante-grade perceptions through the Rethinking the Future – global architectural platform, for almost a decade, our intent is to contemplate a BESPOKE STRATEGY, fits your requisites the best. Our ultimate crescendo is to execute what you desire to be iconic for and implement accordingly.

Why Visibility is Important Today?

Unlike the classic George Orwell novel ‘1984’, we have a culture where there is so much information that it is impossible to differentiate the useful from the mundane.

In the infinite scroll of Instagram or Facebook, what makes someone double tap, click and share your commendable work?

In the infinite scroll of Instagram, what makes someone double tap, click and share YOUR work?


Brand Identity

RTF Brand Builder is a creative media & communications agency that specializes in building an online and offline following for Design firms using tools that are contemporary and accurate.


Just like it is important to create innovative and responsible designs as architects of the 21st century, we cannot neglect the importance of  a strong social media presence where you find your TRIBE who loves your work and shares it too.


We are Architects, Journalists and PR Managers; who realize that successful Architecture is an amalgamation of  art and functionality, churned by the commercial wheel of  effective business  strategies. Facts of such successful assets of design  deserve a global acknowledgement!

Who's This For?

Embassy of Media is globally trusted platform to provide for communications consultancy to Design Firms working across multiple domains. EOM team sits at the centre of the widespread creative community and understands the power of good design. The team works closely with your designers to create engaging content for the public, and help you build the image that attracts YOUR kind of people to your brand.

Young Architecture Firms

Young architecture firms to establish themselves in the market.

Locally Established Firms

Locally established firms aiming to build a national and global presence.

Experienced Architecture Firms

Experienced architecture firms seeking to build relevance to the current times.

Style-Centered Design Firms

Style-centred design firms seeking to dominate their niche reaching more people.

Interior/ Product Design Firms

Interior design firms seeking to establish themselves in new circles around.

What We Do?

Embassy of Media is here to unburden the designers and have them concentrate on their designs while it handles the promotions, Visual Identity Development, PR Management, portfolio making, content curation and brand development through promotions on various social media platforms.

Content Curation

Project Stories/ Blog

Articulating and editing content, that complies with your design principles and ideology for publishing on various print and online platforms.

Media Relations

Print & E-Media

Being closely connected to the journalist fraternity, our team is able to construct trending content to be published by the leading media houses of the world.

Social Media

Insta, FB, & others

The most effective tool in this era, is catered to by our creative team with paramount passion , such that each post on every platform is worth a million likes!

Web Development

Web Creation, E-comm. etc.

A dynamic website aids to generate an aura that your prospective clients will not be able to avoid. We promise to create a page that reflects the stature of your brand and is responsive to any screen size.

Digital Marketing

SEO, Emailer, Newsletters

An effective tool to accomplish the communications circuit, we would love to see your brand name at the top of any popular search engine.

Event Management

Awards, Exhibitions, Conferences

Every event has its innate style, which we have been able to successfully promote through apt organization skills and dedicated efforts, since a decade.

Our Process

We specialize in communcations consultancy for architects and designers. We contribute in curating work of your firm, creating graphics, animations, information and multimedia content and strategically publish them to targeted user groups.

Why Us?

Embassy of Media is the sister company of Rethinking The Future (RTF) and RTF is an established name in the Architecture fraternity for their architectural journalism, acknowledging excellence in contemporary architecture, and annual awards. RTF has its readership from more than 100 countries with more than a million page views. We know what it takes to build a following, and we can help you build yours.

Embassy of Media has a dedicated multidisciplinary team consisting of writers, researchers, graphic designers, SEO specialists and video editing experts. These experts work collaboratively to develop content and manage publishing on multiple media channels to create a brand image your clients will FLOCK towards.

Embassy of Media Team

Architectural Journalists


Our Journalists will collect the content and develop the initial draft.

Communication Managers


Our communications team presents the collected content under brand theme to the media realm



Final edit is done by the editorial team after the content is developed.

Graphic Designers


Our Graphic design team develops the graphics for social media / web sharing.

Video Editors


If required a video graphic is produced to enhance the brand content.

SEO Specialists


Our SEO and SMM specialists team will develop the strategy to position the brand.


Our professional team will be happy to bring amazing ideas and projects to life


CEO & Founder

Being a visionary of the futuristic architecture, Vikas Pawar founded RETHINKING THE FUTURE, to initiate a drive of architectural journalism nationally and impregnate the world with varied architectural perspectives. He’s also the founder of Delhi Architecture Festival and the curator of the ‘Exhibition on Journey of Indian Architecture in past 100 years’ in Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur and Delhi. He imbibes pleasure out of sharing his prospect on the pragmatic wave of Architecture and hence has been an invited speaker for TEDx at Kolkata and Chandigarh.


Creative Director

Himanshu Kalra is an Architect/ Writer on the mission to understanding the interplay between individuals and their physical, societal environments. An avid student of design, he has a sound understanding of the symbolic significances and array of required nuances that imparts the greatness in a great brand!


Communications Director

An architect by education , Ar. Bineeta Ghoshal has an immaculate interest in the genre of architectural journalism & communications, aiming to impart global residents with unknown facets of the built environ. She has worked with different architectural firms, gaining hands-on experience of the journey from a concept on paper to its constructive implementation.


Digital Marketing Head

He is in-charge of planning and managing marketing campaigns that promote EOM’s brand, products, and services. With a strong experience in analyzing metrics and identifying trends, Sunil keeps himself updated with the technical know-how of digital publishing through regular involvement with content creators from the domains of Architecture, Design and Construction.


Marketing Strategist

With a background in Architecture and a strong experience in Social Media Management, Ramneet is a master of strategic conceptualization as well as tactical and flexible implementation of those strategies. She can juggle and coordinate marketing multiple campaigns for different product lines without losing sight of anything!

Frequently Asked Questions

After the initial few meetings of understanding your design philosophy, your current body of work and your goals; you can send us your sketches, images of work-in-progress rendering and models, and other interesting material produced in your office and we will publish it strategically.

There is always something to pick and promote. You can trust finding what it is about you on our Brand Builder Questionnaire.

Perfect timing! This programme can help you establish yourself in the market much faster than you can through traditional means. There is much more to a design firm than the portfolio of built projects, and if you don’t have the ‘content’, we have got plenty of ideas that you’ll love.

As time passes, more and more people are looking for your projects online before they approach you for a project. In order to make an excellent first impression, it is important that you have a reputed online presence established.

As active participants of the Architecture fraternity (and being trained as Architects ourselves), we know the ins and outs of the design process. Further, building a brand on social media is a constantly-evolving process and our team has spent considerable time building a tried & tested strategy- striking a balance between targeting the right niche, social media algorithms (Instagram updates its algorithm at least thrice a year) and current events to maximize the reach of your work.

While the approach is custom-tailored for every individual firm, majority of the published material is information/graphical content related to your brand, followed Conceptual Development images (Sketches/Draft Renders), Final Renders of built/unbuilt projects, behind-the-scenes process pictures (in case of furniture/product design), New Year/Christmas greetings, Pictures from your office ( to humanize the brand ) etc.


& let us help you

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